We are the approved distributor of PYTHA in South East Asia and East Asia.


Available locally at your country*. All PYTHA South East Asia customers will get one year unlimited support. One stop service from PYTHA experts by next working day.


Training will be provided by local PYTHA experts. Certification will be available by 1st Quarter 2018.


PYTHA Lab is an established software house located in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Germany. And PYTHA is made in Germany 100%.

35 Years Experience

PYTHA Lab, a uniquely German company, was founded in 1978 to develop 3D CAD software that is easy to learn and fun to use.

Used By 15,000 Companies Worldwide

There are over 15,000 PYTHA installations world wide, at companies of any size: from one-man business to medium-sized enterprise to big corporation.

Machine Agnostic

Our software is highly versatile and is able to connect with machines made by leading manufacturers. You won’t need a change of machinery when you switch to PYTHA.

We’re In The


PYTHA South East Asia is available in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia as well as Vietnam and Philippines by 2018

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